Run Fatboy Run

I know you’re all in the midst of pouring water on your heads, and so I wanted to jump on the bandwagon slightly.

I work for an amazing charity, who do amazing things. We battle hard to make real and tangible changes to the lives of children in foster care and I think we do pretty well.

For example, earlier this year, we changed the law in England, Scotland and Wales so that young people could stay with their foster carers until the age of 21. I worked tirelessly on that campaign because the longer it went on, the more people I met who told me that if we won, it would be life changing for so many. These were young people who hadn’t always had the chance to stay on with their foster carers, and so they knew what a difference it would make to people. We fought, and we won and we’re fighting again to make sure that what we won – with the support of people throughout the UK – is implemented properly so it makes the difference that it was intended to.

I’m really proud to work for the people I do, and even if you don’t sponsor me (because there are lots of calls for such things and this may not be a priority of yours which I understand because I have my own charitable priorities) please do find out a little bit more about fostering by visiting: – it might be something you can do in the future.

I do go to the gym, but I am not a runner and I’ve never run a 10k.

I was asked to take part in Run to the Beat while drinking at my friends leaving party, and it’s only honourable to follow through with a promise.

Anyway I was wondering if people would be kind enough to sponsor me, in proper primary school run round the park kind of way, £2.50 – which is 25 pence per 1,000 metres – each to complete this challenge.

Please do not sponsor any more than £2.50 per person – I feel bad enough for asking anyway.



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