#FeelingNuts about awareness haikus

I recently took part in a haiku event on Twitter for the Check One Two testicular cancer awareness campaign.

I thought it was a load of bollocks, but they persuaded me…

Obviously that was a joke. Testicular cancer is very serious and you can find out a bit more, and vitally, information on checking yourself on their website: http://www.checkonetwo.co.uk/

But for fun, here are the haiku’s I contributed:

A cold wind whistles,

around fingers as they grab,

tugging for lumps anew.


In bed, bathroom, alone

cup a testicle, or try two

hug the boys, safety first.


Unwanted guest below,

above the knee, and toe.

Your balls check weekly friend.


To start a day fresh

grab the chap, and his carrier bag,

check they’re like new.


One, two, feel the sack

Three, four, today evermore mate

Or a doctor, next date.


A warm glow emanates,

from fingers as they grab,

tugging for lumps anew.


Don’t be shy, coy boy

They’re alive, not a toy. Squeeze.

Don’t be shy, please.


Cup, squeeze, again again.

Daily, don’t fail me, daily.

Cup, squeeze, again again.




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