Happy publication day…to me!

Hello world!

Today is my publication day. My book of poetry, The Northern Line, has been released by Winter Goose Publishing!

You can, if you haven’t, order the book as a book here and as an ebook here!

photo 3

It looks brilliant and I can only say a huge thank you and offer my absolute gratitude to Jessica and James at Winter Goose Publishing, Ladd Woodland who designed the cover, and Zoe Witherington who took my author photo’s.

In addition, a world of thanks to my friend and mentor Loren Kleinman. Without her this wouldn’t exist. This reminds me, her latest and stunning collection, Breakable Things, is out this month too!

Thank you also to Mab Jones, Fran Lock, and Sara Hirsch for providing me with such lovely supportive quotes for the book!

There are of course many thanks to offer, but I can thank them privately because this isn’t an Oscar speech.

Two of my colleagues very kindly invested in the book upon its delivery to my office! Here is my first and second ever autographs and messages:

photo 1photo234

In case you were wondering what I look like drunk at a tube station waving a copy of my book at a sign. Here goes…


In ebook news, a world of which I’m not too aware of as I don’t own a Kindle…when I last checked I was number 11 in the Amazon love poetry category and number 59 in the British and Irish poets category!

tnl amazon #11

Anyway, thank you again – all of you.

Much love x


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