My sister is getting married today.

My sister is getting married today. 

She is a woman who has given her career to working with children who have severe challenges, and she does that job well. I’m extremely proud of her, but I don’t say that enough.

When you’ve seen someone grow it’s harder to recognise their qualities, and it’s easy to take them for granted.

In some of my darkest times she’s been a shining light, and now she’s thankfully grown out of kicking me until she hurts her foot then crying and blaming me we even enjoy each other’s company. But the teenagers years are tough for everyone I suppose…

You share a bond with a sibling that’s unbreakable, even if you’re not always that close because of distance.

My biggest sin has been underestimating her. Since she took on the aforementioned job, she’s shown strength and selflessness beyond anything I have to ensure that children who society deems to have no future, have one. I say I underestimated her, I think that does me a slight injustice. Maybe I didn’t see the wood for the trees. As I said, when you grow up with someone you don’t really truly see them, however much you try. Then for whatever reason, in this case university and the life that followed, you part and then they become a beacon. Then it’s easier to see them and realise what person they are, and what contribution they’re making.

In my family we have a habit of putting our minds to helping those who may not have the support elsewhere. That led to an uncountable amount of Sunday league football matches, all of which my sister dutifully sat through, charity trips to far flung countries, and now it’s led to me and my sister using that mindset of helping others to forge our careers. I think we’re both thankful for that.

I’m not immensely proud of her for getting married, after all Joan Collins managed it eight times so she’s got a way to go to match that, but I am immensely proud of her for building her life. That life includes my new brother-in-law (or brother as I’ll call him going forward as he’s a cracking chap), his son, Hunter the dog, and that life may also involve future nieces or nephews – but we’ll see.

Whatever happens, I’m so glad that I’m going to have the opportunity to celebrate love and life with my sister, my family, and the people who will become my family.

Here is the poem that I’ve written that will be shared as a favour at their wedding.


The foundations we lay.

The kisses and cuddles
on the playful days.
The watching the sun
orbit our joined hearts,
shining daily blessings.
The talk of the weeks and months and years
that stand before us.

These are the building blocks
of our life together.

The earth between our toes may soften
and shift with time,
but we’ll dig in and stay strong.
Two hands grasping,
maintaining the balance of our world,
the cement of our assured tomorrow.

Where once a single flower of love blossomed,
lit between our locked eyes
and warmed by our entwining hearts,
now a flourishing garden lives and breathes.
Encompassing families and friends,
those yet to come,
ones remember with smiles.

The seeds of us
bred our birth together as one
and we couldn’t be more thankful
to you, for filling our hearts, and minds
with love and wisdom,
as our lives forever change.

You help us begin again, together.


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