…what is it good for?

We appear to be heading, at time of posting, straight into an unwinnable war against an enemy of tens of thousands who are more than happy to die at our hands.

As usual politicians are discussing what will happen with small regard for what people want, for the facts, and for the good of humanity.

They’re keen to not miss out on their seat at the table and they’re sending young men and women who signed up to protect, rather than invade, to do their dirty work.

Fourteen years after the mess began in Iraq and Afghanistan, and just four years after we went to ‘help out’ in Libya, we’re on the brink again.

  • If two years of bombing by other nations has done nothing, then why will our bombs help?
  • If we’re not going to send in ground troops, how do we expect to annihilate an enemy force that lives alongside civilians?
  • If we’ve not developed bombs that can differentiate between terrorist and child, then how can bombing give Syria the future they deserve?

I wish I believed in something other than humanity, because that appears to be on the wain – at least in the houses that represent us.

Front Line Love

Politicians create fear.
They send boys on missions
made for men.

They don’t give enough training.
There is never enough training.

by one they fall.

Show them how to shake a hand
before they fire a bullet.
Show them how to line up,
how to love again.


Taken from The Northern Line.


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