Paperchain podcast appearence and new poem

I am the first guest to appear on the Paperchain podcast.

Recording the podcast was a lot of fun, a chat over beers with a very good friend of mine – and then he did the hard work of editing.

I was set a writing prompt before the podcast, and although I read it in the podcast I thought it would be nice to share the words too.

So here goes the poem, and don’t forget to download the Paperchain Podcast, and keep listening out for more.


Start with war, and work backward:

Put back together the children who, with their innocent red, have painted the walls of their classroom; Five.

Reverse the Mac2 Typhoon Jets back across mountains and seas and land them safely in Cyprus. Wait until our defenders have due cause; Four.

Put down the phone, and lift the red button back to its dusty, stationary position; Three.

Mute the cries in the House for striking fear and warheads into a field of battle of which we have no coordinates; Two.

Don’t feed the nationalism, disguised as patriotism. Don’t vilify the lovers of peace. Don’t believe in a place at the table, and a destiny filled with rewards for bloodied patronage. One.

Blast off to days before mine,
when men and women carried guns to war
seeing whites of eyes
glistening with tears
as intrepid fears
grew on the faces of the poor –
lurching into battle.

Now, with buttons and long range
determination in some streets,
some town halls,
some green benches,
we dissolve the children
who carried peace
learnt by picking up the pieces
of their family
and lay the foundations for 2020, 2032, 2039.

In the beginning we fought for survival
and as we came down from the trees,
straightened our backs,
we built and built a world that could
sustain our growing mass.

Now we fight because we don’t want all
to have what we learnt,
and to keep what they grow.

We want to sell sell sell
and blow people to
give up.

Begin again.

Under our rule.

For our profit.

For our future.

Begin again.


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