Dominic Stevenson

I live to tell stories. It is my reason for being, and my favourite thing to do.

I have spent the last 12 years working as a creative communications professional, telling the stories of some of the hardest working organisations in the country. 

During those 12 years, I have planned and delivered national media campaigns which received 1000+ pieces of media coverage, supported law changing political campaigns, and evolved social media channels to increase influence and engagement.

Within these roles, I have written an extensive amount of editorial, on behalf of those organisations, which has appeared in every national newspaper in the UK.

I also worked for two years as the editor of Become and Become Junior – magazines aimed at children and young people living within the care system. I wrote the majority of the content, and I commissioned writers for the rest of the articles. I also took photographs for the magazines, as well as commissioning designers and printers.

I have also contributed feature articles and reviews to a wide range of publications on topics ranging from football to literature to restaurant reviews.

In 2020 I am publishing my first non-fiction book, Get Your Head In The Game, with Watkins Publishing.

In addition to this, I also have extensive experience as a spoken word and creative writing educator, as a performer, an event chair, and compare. I am the host of the Authors Unedited podcast, and I am the host of Listen Softly – a spoken word night that runs in Edinburgh and London.