Press releases: Making the most of what you’ve got

Working with Fantasticals UK will enable you to make the most of of your news story, and help you hit the headlines.

This will primarily be done by helping you make the most of your press release and recommending ways to increase your news story’s reach and engagement across your social media platforms.

Who could best benefit from this support?

Organisations or individuals who need to tell the world about what they’re up to, or what they’re thinking, but don’t have access to in-house, or agency, PR support.

What to expect

I will work with you on the story that you want to get out into the world, looking at your news angle, any case studies, and your key messaging.

This support will include a thorough examination of your press release to check its newsworthiness, suggest any alterations, and proof it. This can be done in person, or remotely, depending on your location.  Once I have offered feedback and we have a press release that meets your needs, I will offer suggestions of media outlets to target and ways to increase your reach via your social media channels and website.

Support length

By the hour, depending on your needs, however support can be bought in on a monthly retainer.