(Publication – poem)

Litro Magazine (UK)I was There; Bonfire Night Beneath the Stars.

Buzz Magazine (Wales) – Love Swimming (P50).

A Pretty Pretty Issue (Turkey and Georgia) – My Feet Only Define me in Your Eyes; Nature Creeping Up the Walls Could Not Protect Him.

City Lit Rag  Paris Gives You a Table

Prole (UK) – Drunk Talk; Poetry and Paint Intimacy on the Underground.

Poetry and Paint (UK) Couch Looks; Love Explorer; Facing Death.

Crack the Spine magazine (USA) – Loneliness of the Long Distance Tweeter;

Spontaneity Arts Journal (Ireland) – Hadley’s Loss; Note Weeper; Exit Here Death.

The Cadaverine (UK) – What I Say to StrangersLady Liberty Wept.

Bringing It Home, United Press (UK) – The Sullied Towns of England.

Candlelit Thoughts, Forward Poetry (UK) – Whiskey Induced Giggled In Greenland; Turning Down The Chance At Redemption For A Country In Turmoil.

Darkest Before Dawn, Forward Poetry (UK) – Nature Creeping Up The Walls Could Not Protect Him.

I am not a silent poet (UK) – Let Me Break My Wheels.

The Stare’s Nest (UK) – Crawling Home.



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